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Using Infinite Campus to Give Grades Meaning

At Brookfield Central High School have just passed the three week grading period and are approaching the first parent teacher conferences of the year. My thoughts are turning to clarifying my grading practices to students and parents as more scores are being entered into the gradebook.  I have completely restructured the grade reporting in my online gradebook this year.  This was due to struggles I had last year in trying to implement what I believe to be best grading practices into my grade reporting.  Much of my grading philosophy has been informed by Robert Marzano and Marzano Research, specifically the wonderful book Classroom Assessment & Grading that Works.  

Traditionally, as I prepare for teacher conferences, I use a student summary report I print from our online gradebook to guide the discussion with parents.  Our grading program in my district is Infinite Campus (IC).  I really like the software and find it extremely easy to use.  Below you’ll see a sample student grade …

This Is How We Kick It Off!

As I write this, NFL Kickoff Week is about to begin.  The NFL know how to stage an event to get people excited for the 5 month season ahead.  It’s a journey millions of people tune in for and have been waiting all year for.  

This is the type of enthusiasm educators hope to generate in their students.  Incorporating a project based approach is one way I’m hoping to bring this enthusiasm into my physics classroom.  Sometime this kick-off event can be called an entry event. It is meant to generate thought not simply increase student engagement.  Entry events can take many different forms from field trips to a teacher presenting the class with a reading, statistic, or problem that elicits a reaction and curiosity.
The driving question for our first term project asks students “How can I use physics to hack sports?”  Students will consider personal athletic events or sporting events that they enjoy.  They will examine 1 technique and examine the physics behind the successful execution of th…