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Best of InstructureCon: Episode II

So, I finished watching the last of the 119 InstructureCon 2015 Sessions on YouTube today.  To be honest, I didn’t watch every single one beginning to end.  If I realized that the session had nothing to do with my current role as an instructor, I went to the next session.  What this meant was I didn’t watch many sessions about configuring Canvas to work with my SIS.  But, on many occasions, I was mesmerized by a the great presentations and realized by the end that I would never be doing any of this because I am not a tech integrator for my district.  It is very interesting to see how we all work together to make learning happen in the classroom. It's a side I don't get to see very often. In the end, it's wonderful to see passionate people talk about their passion for education. So, this will not be a trilogy of reports. In the end, these are the best videos from my perspective. I can't recommend highly enough that you go to YouTube and find the sessions that speak t…