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Upgrading My Canvas Use

As I start looking forward to the 2015-16 school year, it's time to start upgrading.

The first tool I’ll be gearing up is Canvas. Canvas is the powerful learning management system created by Instructure that my district has been using for the past two school years. I am very happy with the abilities and functionality it provides.  I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface in what the system has to offer.

The first year I used Canvas, it was part of a pilot program in the district. The district rolled it out to a number of different teachers and hosted its own version at the district level. I spent that summer learning all about it via YouTube tutorials and was ready to use some of the basic elements.  That year, I used it only in one class. I set up each unit as a module, created online quizzes for problem sets, created assignments students could submit online, and also had students create ePortfolios.

Last school year, Canvas was rolled out district wide.  This time it was host…

Best of InstructureCon 2015: Episode I

ComicCon just wrapped up last weekend in San Diego.  Millions of dollars were poured into this convention.  The ultimate goal of was to promote multimedia properties and get consumers to spend their money when these properties are released and on products at the show.  Yes, it is a”show”.  The sessions at Comic Con are highly attended and pirated versions occasionally pop up on the internet to the chagrin of the studios, who financed those "one-and-done" presentations, and fans who attended those sessions.
Little bits of media flow out to the lowly masses. My favorite is the one below.

A very different type of convention occurred in Park City, Utah a month ago. 

 InstructureCon is not a place where Hollywood celebrities go to build hype their latest film.  At InstructureCon, the stars are the educators and designers who are on the cutting edge of learning management system (LMS) integration in education.  The specific LMS they are discussing is Canvas.  Unlike Comic Con, the s…